A Hello From Melanie

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Have you ever thought about how many times you have said “Hello” each day? Or, maybe you are a “Hi!” kind of person.

Sometimes saying hello has no real meaning. It is a moment and then it passes with minimal effect. And, sometimes when you say the word, it is an opportunity to start something new. A new conversation, creating a new friend, starting a new journey, or perhaps initiating something that is so brand new you cannot help but feel the butterflies of excitement bubble up. It is as if your Soul knows you are supposed to be right there in that moment. It is meant to be.

I say hello much the same way I say “Yes!” to opportunity. Saying hello wholeheartedly to Soul Ease is my way of creating a beginning not only for myself, but for my community too. Each hello I extend through this business is my offer to give you the space to see the brand new ways your body can feel, the new perspectives your mind can open up too, and the new chances to live from your heart.

No matter what service – be it massage, mind body therapy, or Akashic Records Readings – I commit to listening to what you have to say, both out loud and in the moments of silence after we exchange our hellos.

Let’s start something new together.

Thanks for visiting!




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