About Lisa

Hi! My name is Lisa Smith, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and Provider at Soul Ease Medical Massage.

I grew up watching my grandmother, a nurse, care for elderly individuals in her home in Millport. A newspaper clipping of me at 4 years old sitting with two of the ladies she cared for and photos of me and my grandmother doing foot reflexology on each other are memories I hold dear to my heart. Those memories reflect a big reason why I do what I do now in following in my grandmother’s footsteps, caring for people since 2005. I have been a care giver in a variety of settings, group homes, in home care, working with young and old alike, those with disabilities, the elderly and I’ve been blessed with a son to care for too. I have experienced all the ups and downs that come along with caregiving, and I know the mental, emotional and physical demand that it can have on you. It is my goal to reach out specifically to the caregivers in the world. The ones who give their all to take care of others while often putting their own self-care and needs last. The ones who keep a smile on their face and a positive spirit all day long, while they go home exhausted and carrying the burden of worry about the health and well-being of every individual they serve. I am here to offer YOU support, to help you physically feel better and to mentally and emotionally let all that go and recharge your batteries, in order for you to feel better and to provide the best care to your individuals.

My work is not just about helping you feel better physically, I also having extensive training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga. The combination of these skill sets allows me to create a well-rounded platform to pull from to inspire and support you with your mindset and wellness goals. It is my mission to use all of my skill sets to make a difference in people’s lives and help to build up a stronger, healthier community, one client at a time.

From one care giver to another, I thank you for all the hard work and self-sacrificing you do to take care of others! May today be the day that you decide to take care of you by booking an appointment with me. I really look forward to meeting you and working with you!

May you stay healthy and happy,

Lisa Smith LMT