About Wren

Hi! My name is Wren Connelly, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and Provider at Soul Ease Medical Massage.

Wren is someone who has cultivated a deep connection with nature through her exploratory spirit that has carried her from her childhood in Syracuse, NY, to the Tongass National Rainforest in South East Alaska, to the dry and expansive canyons and mesas of New Mexico.

It is through her travels that Wren initiated her spiritual evolution and began to deepen her connection to her inner and outer worlds, bridging the gap between Self and Spirit. Her explorations turned ever inward, from which came the embodiment of a collective understanding shared with Wren in her formative years by her Onondaga heritage and ancestors. It is this understanding, that our land reveals its stories when the stories are ready to be told, that is at
the foundation of Wrens massage practice.

Viewing the body as a sacred landscape, Wren understands the power of massage through its ability to facilitate communication between people and their bodies, to bridge the gap between Self and Spirit. Wren intuitively integrates traditional Swedish massage with trigger point therapy, kinesthetic awareness through
movement, connective tissue therapy, and a variety of energy palpation modalities to invite optimal wellness.

Wrens intention with every massage is to hold a space of supportive healing for others to realize their own sovereignty through providing exquisite care that invites deep relaxation, inquiry of self, and a sense of belonging in ones own body.

Additionally, Wren provides hands off modalities to further open channels of communication including tarot readings, guided meditation, and chakra balancing.