Change, Goals, or Vision? It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated. Just Begin.

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I have had an idea for an amazing workshop for months now. This idea has been rolling around in my head, all of the details leading to feelings of success, accomplishment and that warmth that can only come from knowing others have been helped.

Do you think that workshop has made its way into reality yet? Nope. Some reference books and a blank notebook are sitting on the edge of my desk staring at me week after week.

Unfortunately, this workshop idea has the infinite “I will start on Monday” label attached to it.

Why Haven’t I Begun Yet? 

The list is extensive, but here are some of the reasons:

  1. Designing the workshop takes COMMITMENT to see it through to completion.
  2. Launching the workshop requires EXPOSING myself as a creative (What if nobody likes it or disagrees with my new ideas?)
  3. Is it worth the RISK of stepping out of the secure place of creating for someone else by creating for myself?

When I look at these reasons for not beginning yet I can attach these to many other areas in my life – the process it took to make diet changes, form some exercise habits, define relationships, make career changes, etc. etc.

We have all been overwhelmed with the thought of starting something new! Even if it is in our best interest and promises benefits galore!

And so, as I look at my Sunday to-do list, I see, yet again, “Start workshop.”

Something different happened this week though. In all caps I wrote myself a love note beside that line item – “You do not have to do anything other than begin.”

Somehow, that is encouraging.  The details do not need to be worked out. Success is yet to be realized. The discomfort in finding new comfort is only in my imagination.

All I have to do is start.

Is there anything you can “just begin?” Tell me how I can help you…

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