Dry Skin Brushing “Scentsory” Experience

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could indulge in a little bit of seasonal luxury during your massage?

We have you covered! (With a blanket and a promise for a “scentsational” experience!)

Enjoy the rejuvenating combination of dry skin brushing, aromatherapy, and massage in these sessions that celebrate the beauty of fall and winter. 

Choose from the following:

Vanilla Spice

Vanilla chai latte. Yum! Vanilla spiced scones. Yum! Vanilla spiced dry brush and massage. Yum! Yum!

Few people can resist the tantalizing aromas of vanilla,nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamon.

Relax into the moment and emerge renewed after dry skin brushing and smells rich in vanilla spice in your massage oil, aromamist in the air and on your hot towels.


Alpine Snow

Poet Miguel de Unamuno wrote, “snowfall makes no noise, falls as forgetting falls, flake after flake.

In this session, transport yourself to the clean perfection of alpine wilderness where worries fall, flake after flake.

Experience refreshing scents of pine, fir and wintergreen combined with more wintery smells on your skin and in the air during this dry skin brush and massage session.


Fireside Muse

Sit by the fire in the dark and lose yourself in the dance of orange flames. The night outside the window is full of promise.

Let the sweet and spicy scent of orange, cypress, cardamom and rosemary envelope you in warm coziness as your body is held by dry skin brushing, hot towels and, of course, aromatic massage!



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