Embrace This and Life Can Be Simple

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Over the past couple of years I’ve come to embrace a concept that makes everything you do in life so much easier.

Would you like to know what it is?

Put ALL of your intentions into being the BEST.

How does that sound? Simple? Unrealistic?

After devoting more than a decade to helping and watching personal growth in myself and others, I have found that it really does work! There is a little catch though. Ok, more than one.

  1. Your best MUST be original to you – you MUST stop comparing yourself to others and letting your inner critic tell say “you are not enough.” That is a lie. 
  2. You have to believe you are truly doing your best – without waiting for someone else to pat you on the back for what you have accomplished. 


How many times have you started something and quit before you found out what your best was?

I’ll bet the reason you did not follow through completely was for one of the two reasons stated above. These are EASY to fix! 

Commit to being the best at the things you do. If you can go to bed at night and say:

“I am doing my best with taking care of my body today.”

“To the best of my ability I stayed open to learning new things and gaining new perspective today.”

“Loving others and myself helps me show my best side.”

“Doing better might happen tomorrow, but today I did my best, even if I do not agree with what it looked like.”

Or, if you can create your own affirmations about how you showed up that are full of grace, love and forgiveness – YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST!


If you want to embrace intending on being your best even more, follow these 3 steps

1. If being your best for yourself is hard, choose someone to help hold you accountable. And, do the same for them. Have regular conversations about your accomplishments and celebrations.

2. Cultivate relationships with groups of people who acknowledge and validate the ways that you shine. They don’t need to tell you that you rock. You just know it by being in association with them – and you think they rock too!

3. Finally, look at EVERY SINGLE moment you have as a choice. Consistently ask yourself, “am I doing my best here?” And, give yourself permission to let an anger reaction or Chunky Monkey be your best sometimes.


You have every reason to be amazed at the person you are! 



P.S. – If you want to work with me to learn what being your best could look like, please consider booking a FREE 30 minute breakthrough session. We can see what Soul Ease program would be right for you!

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