Essential Oil and Hemp Oil Body Patches

Soul Ease now offers Essential Oil and Hemp Oil Body Patch application added to the end of your massage!

With the help of the patch your body and your senses will remember the pain relief, stress reduction, mental clarity and vibrant energy benefits of massage! Melanie will apply the patch to specific yet discreet locations on your body, depending on your needs and goals. Once the oils engage with your body heat you will experience the therapeutic benefits for up to 24 hours! Here is a complete list of patch offerings:

  • Arnica Muscle and Joint Comfort Formula: Experience continued relief for tired and sore muscles and joints
  • Bergamot Stress Comfort Formula:  Promote a continued sense of peace, balance and feelings of being centered within yourself.
  • Eucalyptus Cough and Cold Comfort Formula: Give your body and immune system a boost of incentive to heal quickly during early onset symptoms of cough and cold.
  • Lemongrass Mental Focus and Energy Formula: If you need to be alert and clear to succeed in an accomplishment after a session, use this patch to enhance your focus.
  • Rose Geranium PMS & Menopause Comfort Formula: Reclaim physical and emotional balance while celebrating all that it means to be a woman.
  • Citrus Enhanced Energy Formula: Stay active while letting your natural, vibrant energy flow!
  • Lavender Sleep Comfort Formula: Keep calm and rest easily under your own blankets after an evening massage session.
  • Chamomile Headache & Migraine Comfort Formula: Let these herbs ease away the stored stress that contributes to your discomfort.
  • Sweet Fennel Appetite Control & Support Formula: Minimize cravings while dedicating your mindfulness practice to healthy eating.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Allergy Formula: Continue to breathe easily while combating environmental irritants.
  • Rosemary Memory Formula: Feel confident in your clarity around recalling important information with the help of this patch.
  • Hemp Oil Formula: Protect your sense of well-being while reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation symptoms.

Let Melanie know which formula is right for you prior to your session!

Please feel free to ask Melanie any questions you may have by emailing or calling 607-591-2302.

Add Body Patch Application to your next massage for only $10 per patch! Book your next session HERE!