Float Therapy Sessions

Discover the bliss of floating.

Float therapy has transformational effects on both the body and the mind. Lay back and relax in our buoyant, warm, salt saturated pool that counteracts gravity.

Claim your relief from physical pain, inflammation and muscle soreness, management of anxiety and depression, enabling a state of deep relaxation and/or meditative experience.

This is an excellent self care tool for those who suffer from chronic pain and autoimmune/inflammatory conditions as well as athletes, those with stressful job environments, busy parents, and anyone who wants to take a break from the world to reconnect to themselves.


All sessions include 5 minutes to shower before floating and 15 minutes to shower and blow dry your hair after floating. Add this 20 minutes of time to your session when planning, please. NOTE: ALL PRICES LISTED ARE IF PAYING WITH A CREDIT CARD. THERE IS A $5 DISCOUNT FOR EACH SERVICE IF PAYING WITH CASH OR CHECK. (Does not apply to retail purchases.)

60 minute float (80 minutes total) : $75

90 minute float (110 minutes total): $105

Please Read Before Floating

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for you while you float. Please read over the following information You will be asked to sign an informed consent agreeing to this same information before your float.

1. I will NOT use the floatation tank:

• If I am on my menstrual cycle
• If I have just shaved (salt will aggravate the pores and any nicks)
• If I have oils, creams on my body.
• If I have jewelry on my body. (Jewelry and piercings must be removed)
• If I have any communicable or infectious disease or illness, skin disorder, open wounds (including tattoos less than 4 weeks new)
• If I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including some pharmaceutical drugs)
• If I am epileptic, unless in my opinion of my physician, my epilepsy is under medical control so that I am in sufficient control of my seizures not to endanger myself in the flotation tank
• If I am pregnant and have NOT consulted and received permission from my heath-care provider
• If I suffer or have suffered from any claustrophobic anxiety-provoking disorders (this is discretionary. See FAQ’s below)
• If I suffer from diabetes, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my diabetes is under medical control so that I am in sufficient safety to use the flotation tank
• If I suffer or have suffered from chronic heart disease, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my chronic heart disease is under medical control so that I am in sufficient safety to use the floatation tank.

2. I agree to the mandatory 5-minute shower (full shampoo and body scrub) prior to floating, even if I have just showered prior to arrival. I agree to only use the soap and body wash provided prior to floating. Contamination of the spa water with outside products, bodily fluids, hair dye, etc. is clients financial responsibility (up to a total of $500).

3. I understand that using tanning products or hair coloring must be complete at least 48 hours prior to floating. The floatation water WILL cause discoloration.

4. I understand that the floatation tank uses Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide cleaning products which will be in the water and that some people may experience skin allergies or reactions to such chemicals.

5. I also hereby agree and understand that I shall have consulted with my own health care provider prior to using the flotation tank if I am currently taking any medication or under a physician’s care for any reason.

6. Upon using this floatation room, I absolve Soul Ease Wellness, practitioners and building owners from any and all liability in connection with injury or loss/damage from the use thereof whether such loss or damage is direct or indirect.


Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

What do I wear to float?

You will have 100% privacy during your float so we recommend that you float in the nude as clothing touching you can be distracting. If you are not comfortable with being in the nude, please bring a bathing suit or shorts. Remember, you are in high density salt water that could cause discoloration to fabrics.

Is it safe to fall asleep? 

Yes! One of the intentions of floating is to enter a deeply relaxing state. If worrying about your neck and head being supported prevents you from completely relaxing, we have provided a floating neck ring to help support you.

Can I go back to work or exercise after a float session?

Technically, yes. You may feel less wired and tired, more easeful in your body and mind and be able to focus better. But, do you want to? We recommend taking it easy after a float so you can experience more extended benefits. Go ahead, tell your boss you can’t come back.

I can’t swim…is floating still ok for me?

You can play around like a merperson all you want in the float room. 1200 pounds of Epsom salt will keep you afloat! (Just don’t splash so much you get salt in your eyes or mouth.)

What should I eat or drink prior to floating?

Have you ever heard digestion noises under water? hehe. You do not want to be too hungry or too full when floating. Eat something light. Hydrate, but not with a gallon of water just prior to getting in. You want your float to be as uninterrupted as possible. Oh, and caffeine may interfere with your float a bit too, so maybe cut back a bit on float days.

Can my kids receive float therapy?

Yes! Parents, use your discretion – you know your kids and how safe they will feel floating in 10 inches of water with dim or no lights, silence and/or relaxing music. Guidelines state that any child under 12 must have an adult parent or guardian in the float room with them.

Should I float if I have known claustrophobia? 

You are your own best expert to your body and mindset. Please come check the float room out prior to booking and see what you think. We intentionally chose a float with a tall ceiling above your head to help reduce feelings of claustrophobia. Everyone, no matter what the reason is, can choose to flip the lights back on and end their float session at any time.

Can I float with my friend or significant other at the same time?

Our float room would probably allow for two people to go in at the same time, but it may cause a distraction and you will not get the full benefits of float therapy. Imagine someone bumping into you over and over again while you are trying to take a nap. Bop, bop, bop. We opt for solo floats.

Can I float for longer than 90 minutes?

Yes. If we can staff it, you can float it. Price beyond 90 minutes will be $1 per minute. For example, if you would like to float for 120 minutes, your float will be $120. (Max time is 480 minutes or 8 hours…we expect you to write a book or direct a film by the time you get out of that float experience. Remember us when you are rich, please.)

Is the water and float room clean?

In between each float the water is run through a state of the art filtration system several times and also has both Ozone and UV sanitation implemented. We also clean and disinfect the room and shower in between each visit.

If you have any more questions that you think should be answered here, please feel free to add them to the form you fill out to request your appointment below, or call 607-591-2302 to talk to us. Thank you! 


Float Room Session Request

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