Is Your Current Life Making You Happy?

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We are all striving for happiness. You know – that feeling of wanting to get up every morning and “do life” with gusto.

Of course, I cannot tell you that every minute of every day will be filled with feelings of happiness. I can, however, give you some clues as to how to make it feel like MOST of your current life is giving you feelings of meaningful satisfaction. And, ultimately…happiness.

1. Know the people you enjoy, who enjoy you, and why.

There is a lot of science out there that suggests self actualizing and growing into happiness cannot be done alone. We need special, feel good, interactions with others! And, we need to experience times we don’t like too – so as to gauge who is not helping us along our path.

Love and acceptance of all people is definitely promoted here. But, that doesn’t mean you are stuck. Love and lovingly let go.

This does not mean form a clique, or isolate others. It means be grateful for the interactions you have that you know are solidifying your state of happiness. And, then, do more of that.


2. Let your strengths shine.

Can you say that your work, family, and play time all include doing things you LIKE to do? What about things you feel you were meant to do?

Go ahead, challenge yourself. Take on work, creativity, and friends that you do not know you are “good at.” This is how you grow.

And, at the same time, be sure you are ALSO doing things you like and you KNOW you are good at. Can you split your to-do list? “50% of the time I am challenging myself or of service to someone else, and the other 50% of the time I am doing what I want, love, and am very, very good at.”

3. Eliminate the clutter.

This may be the most important of all. When actively seeking happiness, why not look for happiness that is already there, underneath all the clutter?

If there is a list of people, things, tasks, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, goals, etc. that you know deep down are not right for you, then why not sever ties?


Don’t know what to de-clutter? Take a look at when you feel the most stress. Does that pile of mail stress you out? What about avoiding a person because you are afraid to have a conversation that has long been needed? And, is that pain in your shoulder talking to you? Stress shows up in many ways as a signal for a need for change.

Purging as much of the things you don’t like, that are the root cause of your stress, and that do not serve your higher purpose from your life is an ultimate commitment to happiness.


All of this is easier said than done. And, it does not have to be done all at once. Baby steps. Once you start, you won’t look back. 



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