Just a little note about COURAGE

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For a long time I have thought of courage as being something that requires ACTION. Courage meant that everything in my soul and stamina centered on the “doing” of the ominous task. And, bravery meant seeing it through to the end.

This can end up looking very “bull in a china shop.” Chaos, pain, and a fleeting victory dance before the exhaustion from effort sets in. No wonder I have not celebrated successes in the past! I have needed recovery time before the next big mission began!

Instead, Courage Can Be:

  1. Asking someone to help share the load or resources so that you are not expending as much energy in your accomplishment.
  2. Knowing when it is time to stop what you are doing. Stop “trying” for a moment. Do nothing until a clear vision emerges.
  3. Celebrating each success with as much acknowledgement as deserved. Do not downplay what you have done!

I have learned that courage can be soft and gentle. It can come from your heart and wash over you like warm water or a loving embrace. Where grit comes from your mind, courage comes from your heart and soul.

Meditation to Find Your Inner Courage:

Find a place where you can be quiet for a moment and sit comfortably. Eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Set an intention to find the place where courage lives within your body.

Close your eyes and breathe softly for a few moments.

Scan your body for the place where courage lives. For some it is in their heart, for others in their belly. Your courage can live anywhere. Be open to where courage is today. If you cannot find courage, imagine where you would want it to be.

Bring all of your attention to this place.

Draw a golden light around your courage. Every time you breathe, create an even bigger glow. This is you feeding your own courage.

Now, imagine your courage offering just as much light back to you.

With each breath, you are feeding your courage light and your courage is feeding you light.

Within that light, notice if there is any words of wisdom of guidance.

Come back to your breath. Allow your eyes to open and rest a moment before moving on with your day.

Would you like to find more ways to become more aware of courage inside of you?

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