Massage Cupping

Many ancient therapies have been modernized for our healing practices. The art of massage cupping is one of those therapies!

Massage Cupping can provide relief from pain, increased mobility and flexibility and a softening of rigid connective tissue and muscles.

Deep tissue massage initiates a downward pressure into muscle and connective tissue. Massage Cupping does the opposite – lifting stagnant tissue so that blood and health promoting body nutrients  can flow into the area of discomfort!

One more way for you to take care of your body! Add massage cupping to your session today! 

Depending on your areas of pain and your goals, massage cupping is performed in three different ways:

Dynamic cupping: the cup is moved to help transport stagnation and excess fluid

Flash cupping: suction and release on repeat several times to help break up dense connective tissue areas

Static cupping: cups are placed and left for a period of 3-10 minutes, penetrating healing impact on tissue and blood vessels as deep as 4 inches into the body

So which cups are right for you?

Soul Ease offers the following massage cups as a complimentary part of your massage session:

Lure Essentials Edge Cupping Therapy: Common muscle, joint and nerve pain,  injuries, flexibility, mobility, daily and athletic performance. (Add vibroacoustic sound therapy to this session for the ultimate experience!)

Lure Essentials Energy Super Charged Ionic Therapy: Static cups with embedded negative ion balls used for tension and stress relief, trigger point relief, joint pain and swelling, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and arthritis.

Lure Essentials Zen Body Therapy: Where this kit contains cups that can be used for muscle soreness and injuries, a Soul Ease session will use the large Zen cup on the stomach to promote healthy digestion. (Great when combined with a castor oil abdominal pack!)

Lure Essentials Sculpt Cellulite and Body Firming Therapy: Massage cupping combined with Sculpt Boost oil targets cellulite areas such as arms, tummy, legs, thighs and buttocks. This massage cupping can improve skin firmness and support circulation. (Ask for dry skin brushing added into your session before your massage cupping!)

All of these kits are available for purchase so that you can keep up your cupping practice at home. Ask Melanie for more information! 

There is no additional fee to add massage cupping to your session. Schedule your next massage today!