Rediscover Your Authentic Nature In 30 Days!

Journal Your Way Into Discovering Deeper Layers of What Makes You – You!

The secret to being authentic is……drum roll please! ….. ….. ….. You already are.

Disappointed in that answer? Let me explain. Even when you are crazy, like you can’t take time for yourself, unhappy, stuck, in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing you can be more, do more, but do not know how – you are still showing up. You are still walking around. You are still living in this life. You are still being you. It is the you that you are ABLE TO BE for right now.

The real secret to change, so that you FEEEEEL more authentic and in alignment with what you WANT your true nature to be, is digging deep and getting honest with yourself. Its hard work. It is vulnerable work. And, it takes time.

Step 1 – Begin. There is no time like the now to just start. I mean, you’ve wanted change for a while now, right? Maybe even years?

Journaling can help. I recommend spending at least 10 minutes per day reflecting on the following prompts. Have questions? Click HERE to Contact Melanie to ask about your musings or set up a mentoring session to discover how you can thrive authentically! (Download a copy of this guide by clicking HERE.)


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