Soul Ease Membership Plan

Now is the time to take control of your health and wellness!

Imagine guaranteeing yourself a monthly massage!

No matter what your goal is –  to correct a problem area, gain pain relief, relax, ease symptoms from your medical diagnosis or support athletic performance – committing to regular massage can assist you in living a life of greater health, energy, happiness and well-being!

The Soul Ease Massage and Mind Body Therapy Membership Plan encourages clients to become an exclusive Member and take advantage of the relaxing and restorative services that serve as a break from hectic life schedules.

Choose what is right for YOU!

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Pure Peace Membership: $60 per month

You will receive:
One 60 minute massage every month

10% off additional services, products and add ons
10% off gift certificates

Soothing Serenity Membership: $90 per month

You will receive:
One 90 minute massage every month

15% off additional services, products and add ons
15% off gift certificates

Loving Longevity Annual Membership

Save even more when you commit to one massage per month for a year!

One 60 minute massage per month for 12 months: $700

One 90 minute massage per month for 12 months: $1050

20% off additional services, products and add ons
20% off gift certificates

Soul Ease Massage Lifetime Membership

Thank you to those in this community who have consistently supported the vision and growth of Soul Ease and who are constant role models, advocating for the benefits and value of on-going self care.

One 60 minute or 90 minute massage per month for LIFE: A one time payment of $5000 for an individual or $7500 for a couple (two in the same household) 

25% off additional services, products and add ons
25% off gift certificates

In addition:
Recognition as a Soul Ease sponsor (you or your business) on a publicly visible plaque



The fine print:

Pure Peace, Soothing Serenity and Loving Longevity Memberships are based on a recurring automatic monthly or annual credit card payment. An invoice/receipt will be sent to you each month. Feel free to upgrade at anytime.

Lifetime membership is a permanent, without payment of  ongoing dues, for the length of your life, or the life of Soul Ease Massage and Mind Body Therapy as an operational business.

Please schedule your services every month and choose the pay locally option. You are responsible for your one massage per month commitment. Reminders to schedule your sessions will not be sent. Please schedule your sessions 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure your preferred appointment day and time.

Your recurring automatic payment will take care of your membership level services (one massage per month). Soul Ease will discount your additional services, products, add-ons and gift certificates at the appointment time. Please bring payment with you at the time of these purchases.

Can’t make it to your appointment? Please feel free to send a substitute loved one in your place. (What a gift to them!) Appointments cannot be “rolled over” each month. The same 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to members.

Where there are no refunds given in whole or in part, there is also no long term contract for the monthly or annual memberships. Opt out at any time with a 30 day notice. There are no refunds given, in whole or in part for the lifetime membership.

Sometimes massage is medically contraindicated. If this is the case, your monthly membership can be put on hold for an agreed upon number of months and then resume again on a date established by you and Soul Ease Massage with no additional fees.

Soul Ease Massage and Mind Body Therapy reserves the right to cancel your memberships at anytime, with no refund given, if financial obligation is unfulfilled or upon observance of inappropriate conduct or innuendo during sessions.

To sign up, please contact Soul Ease at 607-591-2302 or email

You can also sign up during your next appointment!