What Happy Clients Are Saying

We are so profoundly touched by each and every person that we have the honor of working with and am so grateful for their words after each session.

“Seeing Tyra was amazing!!! She really targeted exactly what I went there for and did an amazing time working through my knotty, sore back and shoulders. She did things I have never experienced before! I am so excited to go back for more massages and try other things 😍😍” —-BatarioFam Love

“Tyra is the best. When I leave I feel like a new person. I have degenerative disk disease and have trouble bending ,but after I leave there I can bend with ease. I see Tyra once a month or more if I can. Thank you. 😊” —-Stacy Bresee

“I have been a happy Soul Ease client since the very beginning. I have tried many of their services and have loved them all! Seeing Melanie is such a highlight of my month. She not only has magical hands that melt away my big knots, being able to talk with her helps me to release a lot of my internal tension. I highly recommend giving cupping a try! It has been really helpful in releasing stubborn knots in my shoulders. The float tank is also a must try experience! It’s not often in this busy world that we get to experience absolute nothingness for an hour or more. Getting to float takes all the weight off your body and helps your mind to just let go. Plus, it’s just plain fun to float weightless! I can’t wait to return for my next appointment!” —-Jenn Rice

“Tyra is top notch if you’re in need of massage therapy. She is very attentive and thorough. Her concern is for your well being and does everything to assure your therapy needs are met. Highly recommended!!” —-Rebecca Hayes

“If you are in need of a specialty massage or simply for relaxation, this is your place. I highly recommend Tyra Osborne and Donna Hutchison. They have both helped me tremendously.” —-Suzanne Valicenti

“I found Soul Ease over a year ago and called to make an appt. I was placed with Tyra for my first appointment and have stayed right with her ever since! Everyone there is always so friendly and it’s always so calm and quiet there! Tyra has been amazing! I had a back injury 1.5 years ago and she has helped me tremendously! I see a chiropractor also and the chiropractor will have me ask Tyra to work on certain areas, muscles, etc and she always gets it exactly right! My 13 year old son even loves his massages with Tyra, and it is so helpful for him with all his sports, dirt bike, etc. Being a young teenage boy I’m, he feels completely comfortable and at ease with Tyra! I’m so glad to have found this place and especially Tyra!.”
-Theresa Novak

“I have been seeing Tyra Osborne for deep tissue massages since 2017, originally only making sporadic appointments. At that time, I would only see her when I had a problem area that I needed worked on and, as a runner taking on lots of miles each week, my body had a lot of challenging knots. Tyra introduced cupping as another method to break down these knots and promote healing. Years later, I have become more routine with monthly massages, to be proactive with the intention of reducing sports-related injury. It always amazes me that Tyra finds knots I didn’t realize were there. Oh, and the infrared sauna – amazing! I usually sit for 30 minutes before my massage, allowing me to decompress after a long day at work and warm my muscles. After a recent surgery, Tyra provided me with a lymphatic drainage massage, which I had never considered before. It was incredibly helpful and healing, even providing me with the best sleep I had in some time. I’ve been to many massage therapists and Tyra, hands-down, gives the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had! Tyler also offers evening and weekend appointments, which is a must for me with my busy work schedule and commute. I have referred many of my family and friends to her because she’s that good! Go see Tyra; you won’t regret it!.”
-Missy Goetschius

“Pleasant, calming, and peaceful atmosphere helps you forget the hustle and bustle of the world outside. The services provides in one place to sooth your soul is unheard of in this area. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed..”
-Elissa Yost

“Always enjoy my experience and know that I will receive personalized care to cater to my needs (thank you Donna!). Highly recommend!.” —-Jessica Kneaskern

“I first had massage services by Tyra about 9. Months ago when I was in a lot of pain from just diagnosed but not yet treated Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was calming and welcoming from the start and really helped with problem areas in my hips and shoulders especially. I now see her about once a month. She is just wonderful. Just coming into the building and seeing her and I already feel relaxed. I had found Spa services a bit intimidating prior to this. But at Soul Ease in general I find it comfortable and no intimidation. I plan to try other services they offer soon.”
-Kristen Pauline

“I like to call this the little hidden gem my first time in to see Hannah for lashes I was blown away by how much they have to offer .. the prices are super affordable and the services they offer are amazing. I always look forward ro going here and I highly recommend this place.”
-Brittany Riffle

“Love going to Soul Ease for my massages! Tyra does an amazing job. A lot of my stress goes into my upper back and plus I workout at least 5 times a week…Tyra does a great job of working out the knots and tension in my body from both stress and lifting. I would recommend her to anyone and would recommend Soul Ease to anyone. They have a lot of options to choose from that could help you in different ways. I go every 2 months and I do not regret it. If I could, I would go every month.”
-Meghan Cutler

“I received a gift certificate for the floating tank from my boyfriend…let me just say from start to finish was such a great experience!! The staff was welcoming, the environment was relaxing and the float tank was just what I needed to reset my mood before winter arrives!”
-Laura Connelly

“The team at Soul Ease is fantastic!.”
-The Wilson’s

“Tried Craniosacral Therapy for back pain. It helped to relieve pain for 5 months. Definitely worth a try.”
-Donna Christy

“I cannot recommend Soul Ease more, especially Tyra! I have muscular-skeletal and nerve issues, and she is so skilled and caring. I know I am in the best of hands and am so lucky that she’s such a central part of my care team. Tyra is the best!.”
-Kimberly Killen

“If you need a superb massage from professional, friendly knowledgeable and therapeutic massage therapists, Soul Ease Medical Massage is your go to place. For the past three years, I’ve been enjoying a massage, every other week, from owner, Melanie A. Wood. She has a thorough knowledge of the body, mind and spirit and the ability to blend them together into healthy and relaxed harmony. I respectfully call her, “Magic,” because that best describes her techniques to reduce tension, pain, muscle aches and stress. She is very attuned to my aging body and its needs, as well as my overall health and mental well-being. Her amazing skills remind me of a line from a Beach Boys hit song, “Good Vibrations,” that goes “I don’t know where, but she sends me there.” That’s what happens to me during my two-hour massage. My mind and soul easily drift away to a place of total relaxation, serenity and well-being. I don’t know where it is, but I look forward to going there each time she works her magic.”

Jim Pfiffer, Elmira, NY

“Highly recommend going to Melanie! Had a fantastic experience today. So relaxing and calming. She has an open communication and listens to your needs as well as explains things in detail. My first professional massage along with skin brushing and castor oil treatment! I plan on doing this at least once a quarter! Thank you again Melanie for a great experience.”
—Christina M.

“I explained that I had some chronic pain going on. I also explained I wanted a medium to deep tissue massage (because that’s what I’ve always received in the past from previous places). She recommended we start off light and work up (as any educated, notable and professional should do). I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Melanie! She’s great at understanding our needs and phenomenal at what she does. ??”
—Erin T.

“Thanks Melanie, for a lovely massage/session yesterday afternoon. I finished my day with an evening inner body meditation practice, some Kava tea and a diffuser filled with Lavender next to my bed while I journaled what was brought up with you yesterday. Last night was the first time in weeks where I slept better and longer. Here’s to more winter womb “stillness time” ? Thanks again ❤️”
—Renee G.

“I really enjoyed my massage with Melanie. She made me feel welcome, and she takes great care to provide a wonderful environment. Melanie also wanted to find out exactly what I was looking for in a massage, listened well and made it a great experience. I wanted my particular massage to center around relaxation and stress relief- and she provided just what I needed! I highly recommend her. Luxurious experience · Amazing results”
—Pete L.

“Feeling thankful, thankful, thankful for Melanie and her business Soul Ease Massage and Mind Body Therapy after an amazing 90 minute massage focusing on my poor shoulders that have been carrying the weight of the world. I feel like a wet noodle after she used both Level 5 CBD oil as well as Lemongrass Spa’s Recovery Balm. I have done just about everything she has offered and she is so good at everything she does from Akashic Record Readings to Mind Body Therapy. She is a gifted healer and dear friend to me.”
—Jennifer R.

“Wow! I have a shoulder that has caused significant pain for several years. I was offered surgery but didnt feel it was the best option for me. I received a massage with Melanie as a gift and I’ve been going back biweekly. I’ve had progressive improvement and this week is the first time, in years, that I have had no pain. Melanie just knows where I hurt. I don’t have to tell her. I’m a nurse and thought there wouldn’t be any harm in trying but never expected these results. Amazing! She put me at ease right away and explained what her plan was . I could go on and on!”
—Sandi P.

“Melanie is highly knowledgeable and provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in her space. Highly recommend.”
—Marc C.

“I have been getting deep tissue massages for years from various therapists who go through their monotonous routine to get you in and out. The results are always short lived.

After seeing Melanie, I know now what I’ve been missing all these years! It is clear that she knows what she’s doing. You can FEEL the difference and the results last. Not to mention- you can tell how much she genuinely cares about her patients.

Thank you Melanie. Life changing!”
—Kate R.

“Melanie provided a very helpful, aware, insightful, and authentic experience in the reading of my records.”
—Aaron S.

“Feeling great today due to my amazing massage by Melanie! Her techniques are so unique! I highly recommend you make an appointment.”
—Chuck B.

“I’ve know Melanie for 6 years! She first came to my house when I was pregnant and gave me a customized prenatal yoga practice. And now I get massages with her! Excellent!”
—Marta C.

“I received an Akashic Record reading with Melly and it was so wonderfully helpful in guiding me towards the right choices for me. She’ll get very deep into the nitty gritty, even uncomfortable things in the energetic body, but she does it in such a way that even when the subject is yucky its felt through a lens of love and acceptance.”
—Jenna B.

“Good morning Melanie! Just wanted to thank you for the massage last night! Feeling better than I have in a month and locating the source has helped me be aware of and kinder to my neck. Appreciate it so much!”

“I don’t know where I went during my session but it wasn’t Kansas and it wasn’t Horseheads. It was some deep, quiet, lovely place that made me walk out smiling like a relaxed woman.”
—Marjorie H.

“I just had the most amazing call with Melanie! She gave me so much clarity and peace on where I am headed in my life and how to give myself grace and ease to get there. I feel so confident now that self-care needs to be a priority in my life and look forward to talking with her again.”
—Brigette M.

“Most excellent restorative and relaxing! Great massage by Melanie! WOW! Every massage therapist does some things differently and some of the stretches and work that she did were unique and felt so awesome. The entire massage was wonderful. The setting at Soul Ease was very relaxing as well! Check this!”
—Jeff H.

“I had a Mind-Body therapy session with Melanie. I didn’t quite know what to expect, and was very surprised to find the trauma of the loss of a relationship dwelling in different parts of my body that was causing me pain. With Melanie’s soothing and gentle guidance, I was able to rid myself of the remnants and felt like weights had been lifted off me. I would highly recommend her services.”
— Heidi Lee B.

“Melanie taught a yoga class I attended a few years ago. I was excited to see that she is offering a number of new services. My overall experience was great! She was interested in what I’d like to gain from my massage and helped me achieve a relaxing experience. I am looking forward to scheduling an appointment with Melanie soon.”
— Laurie D.

“I felt very at ease knowing Melanie’s desire to help others. She is very knowledgeable about all areas of her expertise. Melanie is a true professional.”
— Erin M.

“Melanie is highly professional and knows each service she provides very well. She makes the experience very comfortable and I recommend her often.”
— Chris V.

“Melanie is an amazing mind -body therapist with a skill set that allows her to help you get to the heart of the matter. I felt a significant sense of ease after 1 session, and a clearer focus of what I needed to next on my path to healing.”
— Dawn E.

“I first met Melanie after she was recommended to me for an Akashic Records Soul Reading. I was at a very vulnerable place after losing my husband to cancer. I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for some answers as to why my life took this unexpected turn. Melanie was so professional and compassionate in my reading. She explained the process and how information came through. We then walked through all of my questions and I received a lot of information that helped me on my path to healing, it brought me a lot of peace and comfort. A year and half later I was ready for another reading with some additional questions – this one more focused on a future path. Again, I received so much helpful information. Both readings were so beneficial and brought a lot of clarity to me. Melanie has a lot of light about her; she makes you feel completely safe and at ease during these readings. No matter where you are on your life’s journey these readings can really bring a lot of clarity to you.”
— Lori C.

“Melanie is one of the most knowledgeable and uniquely trained therapists I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has a genuine and caring presence that bleeds into her work, and her skill set is broad and attuned to each individual. She is very gifted in what she does, and her body work reflects that.”
— Marissa W.

“Thank you Melanie for a much needed massage today! I was so happy that I was finally able to use my gift certificate! My body feels much better!! Thank you SO much!!”
— Lori A.

“My experience with Melanie is that she is one of the most good-hearted, caring people I have ever met. I have no experience with her massage practice, but if I were to desire a massage, she would be the first person I would think of.”
— Joe B.