The TRUTH of the Matter Is….

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I often have questions from clients about the in’s and out’s of building a realistic and sustainable self care plan…one that does not require committing to going to the gym, getting burnt out, and then quitting after two weeks.

Other clients tell me that this whole self care concept is a fantasy…who has time for self care?

Can you guess what I share with these clients each time the topic of self care comes up?

The TRUTH of the Matter is: YOU CAN Create a Sustainable Self Care Plan!

But, alas, there are some other Truths about self care to think about first.

  1. Where is feels AMAZING to do this once in a while, you laying on a beach with a big floppy hat, sunscreen and a margarita is not self care. That is vacation.
  2. Self care is not exclusive to taking care of your body with exercise and diet or getting a massage once per year. A plan includes mindset, emotional inquiry, lifestyle and spiritual aspects too. These ALL work hand in hand and you cannot have meaningful success without at least touching upon all aspects that make you a whole person.
  3. The time investment for self care extends beyond 5 minutes of meditation, or an hour of”working out.” Sustainability means making yourself a priority all of the time – asking yourself if you are putting your best interests first in all of your decisions and interactions.

So, Then, What Exactly Should My Self Care Plan Look Like?

Here are four foundations to your plan to keep in mind.

  1. You get to decide on a self care mentor that will guide you into creating a plan that will stay authentic to you. If there is no wiggle room for your unique needs, no matter how “proven” the method, it may not be the plan that is right for you. Remember – there is no one-size-fits all!
  2. Where it is wonderful to learn new things, your self care plan stays in alignment with your belief system. Your integrity is never compromised.
  3. Fun does not have to be a priority, but feeling like your self care is rewarding and meaningful can only contribute to sustainability. Experiencing joy and fun are like icing on the cake!
  4. If you decide to self care with other people – they build you up, support you, and you enjoy being around them!

Your self care plan is a reflection of what you desire,  the impact you want to have and the life you want to lead.

Shaping your individual plan may not be easy and may require some trial and error as you discover your authentic nature…but why would you settle for anything less?



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