About Codi


Hi! My name is  Codi L. Thomas, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and Provider at Soul Ease Medical Massage.

Codi is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage and has been practicing since 2011. With over 10 years of experience, she has found her area of expertise in Medical Massage. She spent the beginning of her career working in a Naval Chiropractic Clinic in southern California.

“One of the best experiences in my career was working in rehabilitating Marines. Not only was it rewarding work but allowed me to develop advanced skill sets. I really learned how to treat individuals with lifestyle-based injuries and chronic pain.”

Since then, she has returned to the area and enjoys life with her husband and daughter as well as being involved with her family’s farm.

Codi specializes in Medical Massage, Active Release Techniques, Cupping, and RockTape.

Common Medical Conditions she treats:

Chronic Neck/Shoulder pain associated with Tourette’s Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Muscle-Skeletal Alignment issues
Carpel Tunnel
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Chronic Migraines
Sinus Headaches
Golfer’s Elbow
Bell’s Palsy

Codi describes her Massage style as blended combination of relaxing yet therapeutic work.

“My goal upon consultation is come up with an individualized treatment plan. I think of Massage Therapy as any other form of maintenance. I work together with the client to provide sessions that truly heal them. I love providing result driven treatments.”

Some things you can expect after sessions with Codi:
Decrease in chronic pain
Increased range of motion
Overall relaxation