Mission, Vision and Values

Soul Ease Medical Massage Mission:
We Help you Feel ALIVE Again!


Soul Ease Medical Massage Vision:

Our team offers professional medical massage and self care education with trusted results. We give your body and mind a new perspective to feeling well and empower you to gain control of your health. When you change your inner world, your outer world changes too!


Important Values We Strive to Keep:

TRUST – We recognize, with gratitude, the trust in competence our clients put into our hands.

CURIOSITY: We approach regaining health and wellness with curiosity and an open mindset and invite clients to join the adventure.

GROWTH: We adopt the courage to continuously expand our vision, knowledge and wisdom so we consistently offer our clients the best possible service.

STEWARDSHIP: We anchor in the intention to remain leaders in our community and in our trade and advocate for massage to remain healthcare.


Our Promise to You: 

We are your premiere medical massage specialists who are committing to serving you with:

Protection on the massage table. Our training, certifications and licensure ensure your safety in every session, no matter what injury, illness or condition shows up.

Prevention from further damage, injury or symptoms. We know what to do and what to avoid with all medical diagnosis, and we also have access to much, much educational material and resources that can guide us even further if need be.

Promotion of your ongoing wellness and treatment with self care education you can take off the table and into your home life.

Payment options such as medical insurance inquiries and billing and registered acceptance of FSA and HSA debit cards.

Proactive claiming control of our own health, wellness and continued certification learning so we are consistently available to offer you the best treatment.