Massage & Mind Body Therapy Services

Massage & Mind Body Therapy Services

Massage Services

Enhance your health and body goals through massage.

Therapeutic massage sessions are focused specifically on your individual needs. A massage session can offer time for winding down, stress relief, pain reduction, a boost in immune system function, and an over-all sense of well-being. Melanie is committed to respect and reverence during a massage session and always uses a cloth draping to uphold the integrity of safe boundaries for both of us. Communication is encouraged regarding pressure, techniques, and goals for your session.

Committing to regular massage has physical, mental AND financial benefits! Be sure to check out the Soul Ease Massage and Mind Body Therapy Membership Plan options today! Looking for more ways to save? Read about the Soul Ease Referral Rewards Program!

FSA AND HSA CARDS ARE NOW ACCEPTED! (In person or phone payments only)

Basic Massage Services

30 minutes = $45

60 minutes = $75

90 minutes = $105

120 minutes = $135

Integrative Massage Therapy is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of modalities meant change the way your soft body tissue feels. (Get the pain, tension and stiffness out of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue!)  The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance and posture, and greater flexibility. There are dozens of massage therapy methods and Melanie will personalize each of your sessions so you are getting the massage specific to your needs!

Medical Massage is performed with the intent on improving a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a physician. Your physician may even write a prescription that is covered by insurance! Medical massage does include more assessments and evaluations than the relaxing massage you may be used to and may also include connective tissue therapy, joint mobilization, manual traction, range of motion movements, manual lymphatic drainage and massage cupping, if these are appropriate for your condition. The key to medical massage success is consistency. Thank you for devoting some time to your recovery!

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Additional Massage Services


60 minutes = $75

90 minutes = $105

Hot Stone Therapy:

60 minutes = $85

90 minutes = $115

doTERRA AromaTouch Technique:

60 minutes = $85

90 minutes = $115

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage therapy. The word Shiatsu comes from two Japanese words – “shi” (finger) and “atsu” (pressure). In addition to the direct stimulation of pressure points along the energy pathways of your body, gentle stretching techniques are applied over a wider area of the body to integrate the point work and encourage the flow of Chi (energy) throughout the body. Shiatsu is a meditative healing art that honors the body, mind and spirit.

Hot Stone Therapy is a style of massage where heated stones are placed at specific sites on your body to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in your muscles. Muscles that are heated with these stones release tension and stress much more deeply and quickly than with a traditional massage. You are also massaged with heated stones and warm oil. The overall experience is very relaxing, nurturing, and rejuvenating.

doTERRA AromaTouch Technique is a very gentle massage that focuses on balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body by applying essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back, feet and hands that relate to key organs and body systems. Escape the woes of stress with a sequence of essential oils, each selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. Interested in learning more about essential oils? Click Here.

Add-On Services*

*These services are available as add-ons to massage services, and are not available à la carte. When booking your appointment and add-on services online, please choose a time when there is at least 15-30 minutes after. Not all add-ons take that long, but we want to ensure you the best, spacious experience. (For example – if you would like a 60 minute massage at 1pm, please book your add-on of choice at 2:15pm.)

*New!* Infrared and Amethyst Biomat

The Cadillac of massage “table warmers.” Contains 18 lbs of amethyst crystals and delivers far infrared light waves to soothe your body. The Biomat is a registered FDA medical device that helps with treatment of pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, minor strains and sprains, and minor back pain. The BioMat Pillow stabilizes and cradles the head and neck, delivering targeted relief of chronic neck and back pain, headaches, migraines and more. Choose from 8 different heat settings (95-158 degrees) as well as a negative ion setting for a cooler experience.

Biomat: Complimentary

*New!* Kinesiotape Application

Elastic, latex free, tape strategically placed in areas of discomfort to help provide relief from pain. Common areas of placement are neck, back, shoulder, wrist, knee and foot. The intention of taping is to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce inflammation, prevent injury and promote good circulation and healing, thus assisting in returning the body to balance.

Tape Application: $20 each

Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping uses a vacuum like suction to help relieve aches and pains, muscle soreness, and lack of mobility. Learn more about massage cupping HERE.

Massage Cupping: Complimentary

Dry Skin Brushing

Naturally stimulate the skin’s detoxification process with gentle dry brush strokes in the direction of lymph flow. Beginning with the feet and working toward the direction of the heart, dry brushing enhances the skins ability to remove waste from the body while exfoliating accumulated dead skin cells. This increases the nourishing of the skin with oils and creams during massage.

Dry Skin Brushing: $15

Soul Sleep

How many times have you said, “I could lay here and take a nap!” after your massage? Delay getting back to reality and move at your own pace. Add an extra 10 minutes of dozing and relaxing time to the end of your massage. Want more than 10 minutes? Make your arrangements with Melanie.

Soul Sleep: $10

Abdominal Castor Oil Pack

This natural detoxification pack made from flannel fabric soaked in castor oil is placed over the liver and then warmed with a hot water bottle. This stimulates the liver to help balance digestion, improves lymph circulation, draw infections out of the body, and promotes overall balanced health. Rest well while enjoying the combination of warmth from the pack and soothing massage.

Abdominal Castor Oil Pack: $25

gLOVE Treat Boots – Warm Paraffin Wax and Coconut Oil Foot Treatment

Relax while your feet soak up heat, paraffin, coconut oil and essential oils. This boot treatment is amazing for soothing dry skin on your heels while easing away foot aches and pains. Take your boots home with you to rejuvenate your feet up to 3 more times! This treatment pairs well with a hot stone massage.

gLove Treat Boots: $30 (Tell Melanie to add a foot scrub for only $5 more!)

PostureScreen Postural Assessment

Healthy posture has the potential to decrease risk of disease, reduce chronic pain, and increase longevity of life. In less than ten minutes and with 4 pictures, this virtual analysis of your posture will give you a starting point towards improvements! Detailed description of your current posture status and self care tips are delivered to your inbox. Talk to Melanie about your Posture Plan today! (Note: Only a doctor can diagnose postural deviations. This tool is for body reading analysis for postural appearance and for tracking changes as you progress with massage, chiropractic, medical and self care.)

Before and after (on a different day) PostureScreen: $25

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Mobile Massage Services

Soul Ease Massage can travel to your location to provide mobile massage services within Chemung, Steuben and Tompkins counties (NY). We’ll need at least 8′ x 10′ of clear space at your location that’s private and quiet, and access to electricity and wifi. Please contact Melanie at to request mobile services.

Basic Massage:

60 minutes = $150

90 minutes = $175

Prices include +15 minutes for set up before and +15 minutes for break down after.


Chair Massage Event Services

Soul Ease Massage provides on-site chair massages for your event. Chair massage is a great way to show appreciation for your employees and friends, and adds a special touch to corporate or fundraising events, fairs or festivals, weddings, showers, reunions and more. Please contact Melanie at to request chair massage services.

$95/hour with a 2 hour minimum

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Mind Body Therapy Services

1 90-min session = $125

Schedule 3 90-min sessions = $335

Schedule 6 90-min sessions = $660

Mind Body Therapy is private therapeutic sessions that help individuals find resilience by discerning all aspects of their life to identify what sustains or drains them. These sessions are designed with the intention to create achievable action toward transforming the areas of life in need of enhancement or change. By looking through sensations and patterns held deep within their body, participants learn ways to approach challenges with authenticity.

Through movement, stretching and bodywork they learn to find answers to questions, such as: How do I change my life? How do I change myself? How do I realize, and actualize, my potential?

This is excellent opportunity for people who are at life’s times of transition — such as empty nest syndrome, midlife crisis, divorce, loss, career changes — or for people who want discard habits that have been holding them back and instead feel empowered to find their life purpose, fulfill their potential, and to feel less vulnerable in the process.


Akashic Records Soul Reading

The Akashic Records are found in a realm of consciousness that holds infinite amounts of wisdom about the soul’s journey – past, present and future. When we access this realm, healing and transformation can occur from the point of view of the soul. These intuitive sessions are offered with the intention to answer questions about challenges presented in this lifetime such as: What is my next life purpose? Why do I still have this habit? Why can’t I let go of this belief about myself? Akashic Records Soul Reading can be done in person or virtually via a phone call or Facetime.

$125 sessions last 1 to 2 hours

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Soul Ease Massage Yoga


Private Yoga Instruction: $65/hour. Includes a personalized home plan.

Private Prenatal Yoga Package: $175 – 3 Private sessions – 1 for each trimester – includes personalized home plan.

Private Yoga sessions with Melanie offer one on one experiences that can help improve any stress related illness, chronic pain or physical conditioning goals you may have. Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and include appropriate home plans for a continued practice. Contact Melanie via email to answer any questions you may have and to discuss booking yoga sessions.

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