About Melanie

Melanie A. Wood, MA, LMT, MMP, owner and founder of Soul Ease Medical Massage, is an intuitive mentor and massage therapist with a background in psychology, health, and wellness.

Melanie opened Soul Ease to offer body work, empowerment education and mentoring that address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Melanie’s deep and active interest in the mind-body connection led her to realize that all people have the capacity to evolve in a positive manner. This realization motivates her to be of service to others who are ready for transformation and ready to grow and fulfill their potential. To Melanie, witnessing others change their inner and outer lives with as much exuberance and passion as she feels in her own growth is more than an opportunity — it’s a gift.

Melanie created Soul Ease by combining her studies in Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology with her extensive training, experience, and personal practice in massage therapy, yoga therapy, meditation, spirituality, intuitive readings, and the Akashic records. With transformation as the intention, Soul Ease helps people — alone or in groups — create and practice their own innovative solutions to meet challenges of the body, mind, and spirit head on — with resilience and authenticity.

Melanie offers massage sessions and mentoring from each client’s unique starting point and then follows her clients in their transformation. She provides a safe environment to navigate the life-long stories of trauma, physical and emotional pain, chronic illness, and stress. She holds space where vulnerability can happen. Her intuitive approach to creating a lovingly neutral environment is one of grace over reaction, which lends itself to a client-led and reflective experience.