Feeling Stuck? 8 Guiding Principles Toward Your New Habits

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Creating lasting change begins with you. What you believe. What you want. What you do. This is nothing new, right? Well, then why is it so hard?

There really isn’t a secret sauce recipe or magic formula toward instant change that will help, so instead, to help you step onto the path toward having the life you want, here are 8 guiding principles toward your new habits. (Really though – they are reminders. I know you ALREADY have this in you!)

Redirect Your Focus!

Believe me – I get stuck in my head too! Changing your focus could be your most important challenge to overcome.

Most of my clients are focusing on getting by, on surviving, on just making through the day so they can go to sleep.  They are thinking about what they can find in a hurry that will be a temporary fix to any problems and challenges arising. They are dreaming and begging for magic and the Universe or God to help them out.

Where it is great to have access to quick fixes and a strong connection to a higher power, here is a gentle reminder to ALSO get CLEAR on the following:

● Your VISION: What is it you really want? What is underneath wanting the angst to stop?
● Your IMPACT: Who is on this trip with you? How do your actions ripple out?
● Your PURPOSE: We all have one (or more!) Do you know yours?
● Your GOALS: What concrete outcome to you want?
● Your ACTION: Only YOU can make things happen. What are you willing to DO to start a fire under your own……? (You get the point.)

Go Bigger!

You know that quote by Marianne Williamson? The one that asks us to question why not to be brilliant and fabulous? If you do not know the one I mean you can find it HERE. I encourage you to read it and see how it can apply to you – in your circumstances – right now.

What would it be like to allow yourself to dream BIG? To see yourself as more than you ever imagined? To envision yourself so ridiculously happy, successful, healthy and loved it makes you feel giddy?

Focus on THAT. Your BIGGEST version of yourself. If you think you are already dreaming outrageously – go even BIGGER!

The energy and effort it takes to just get by is not much different than the energy and effort needed to do something extraordinary.

Which will you choose to think about?

“Be” Different!

Your lifestyle, as it is right now,  is perfectly designed to get you the exact results you’re getting today. If you want a different life, different habits and to make different choices…you must do things differently. You get to decide to BE different. You get to make the choice to BE better.

Allow yourself to become numero uno in your own book.

Redefine Taking HUGE Action

There have been times in my life where I have been way too scared to do anymore than make little tweaks of changes in my lifestyle. I have learned over the years though – To make actual change, I have to do more than tweak (that just tried to Autocorrect to twerk!).  I have to take massive action.

That does not mean to stop celebrating the little successes that have happened along the way.

It means to stop the ongoing conversation in your head about what you WILL do. It means ‘dip your toe in the water’ does not work anymore.

Action creates momentum. Decide what 3 massive actions you could take right now that would create a skyrocket of change in your life.

Then do it!

(I know its scary!!!! That is why the next principle is so important.)

Get Your Validation! 

I am a psychology buff and I am remembering the “Hierarchy of Needs.” I was so surprised to see that this theory states that NOBODY can self actualize without the help of , or at least being seen by, other people.

Find people that connect with your same goals, belief systems, and actions. (Same POSITIVE attitude too!) Work together. Build each other up. LOVE.

Keep It Simple! 

Keeping things simple is your guaranteed success in any goal you have!

It is hard to believe, but you do not need a plan! If fact – taking the time to create a plan of action that extends into weeks, months and years is actually a distraction from taking action RIGHT NOW.

Look at what you can do in this moment. That is all you need. Right here, right now. This moment, this change.

Let tomorrow bring what tomorrow will bring.

Focus on Connection

This is different than seeking new relationships for that extra validation we talked about earlier.

Maximize the relationships you already have. Connect deeply and often. Caring about others will become a mirror for you to receive the care you want and need too.

Your current tribe WANTS you to be happy and loved. They WANT you to love yourself as much as you love them!

Accept the New You as Authentic

“The mind, once expanded to dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

As you make the changes you desire in your life begin to love BOTH the person you were AND the person you ARE today. While you are at it…love the person you are becoming. All of those facets of you are still YOU.

I want to hear about the changes for the better you are making in your life! Leave a comment or email me HERE! And, of course, if there is any way I can support you, please let me know! 

With warmth,



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